Palermo restaurant, cafe, delicatessen and pizzeria has returned to San Jose! The restaurant that launched a local culinary revolution and influenced a generation of Italian cuisine throughout the Bay Area has returned to its roots.

Palermo specializes in simple preparations of classic Sicilian dishes with fresh ingredients sourced from California’s seafood, pasture and agricultural bounty.






“Palermo Italian Restaurant sticks to the classics and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Chef Cusimano relies on the winning combo of traditional recipes and fresh, local ingredients.”Amalia McGibbon, Gentry Magazine

“The ambience at this Palermo is warm, friendly and relaxed.”Metro News, 1991

“Spaghetti Renato will change your life.”Mercury News, 1988

“Paradiso’s Deli in San Jose being reborn as Palermo.”Mercury News, 2017

“It was then, perusing the menu, that I discovered with delight that Palermo serves the Paradiso’s classic of my youth.”Gourmandizer, Metro News,2019

Palermo Founders

Renato & Diane Cusimano

the founders

When Renato and Diane Cusimano founded the acclaimed Palermo restaurant on S. Second Street in Downtown San Jose, it quickly was recognized as one of the region’s best Italian restaurants. The Cusimanos have been a part of the Bay Area culinary scene for more than three decades, and the legend continues at the new Palermo Italian Restaurant in San Jose’s historic cannery district.